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September 11th, 2013, 10:56 AM
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Do you have a date picked out: probably Saturday Dec 28 (Id prefer to delay til jan but i dont think that will work out)

Will it be at your house or a venue: probably a venue

Do you have a theme: Agatha in ONEderland maybe. Its kind of a common theme but I dont have any other great ideas. If I could find a good Sesame Street Count costume, I might do a counting theme but all of the costumes are weak.

Colors: Not yet

Do you have a special outfit for LO: No but I might dress her up like Alice in Wonderland if i can find a cute dress.

Decoration ideas: I'd like to do rabbit and "1" topiaries and stacked tea cups but I haven't thought that far ahead. I'll definitely do the photo collage that is in the shape of a 1.

Will you do a smash cake: No

Any special birthday traditions you will start: Im sure some will develop over time but I dont have any Im purposefully doing now.

Anything else:

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