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September 11th, 2013, 07:58 PM
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Hey. I am 11 weeks and 4 days.
I do have a large understanding of my diabetes and how important it is to manage it but I guess its as my doc says my mental status that keeps me from taking care of myself(although I am doing much better these days). I know that I can not control this with diet, I have always taken my long acting insulin but its my short acting I gave up on. We do say I am a brittle diabetic cause even the hospital has issues controlling my blood sugar and the "Psychological problems, including depression and stress, are also often associated with brittle diabetes" is a big issue.

My A1C has been high for so long that I can't even feel when I have high blood sugar and when I get down to a normal range I feel very low. My blood sugars where running in the 400-500 range before I found out I was prego, and have been in the 150-250 range since I have started trying to manage it. My pancreas produces no insulin and hasn't since I was 16. I don't have a pump because for some reason Army doctor wouldn't give me one but my new doctor is getting me in to get one. So I have hopes that will be really helpful.

to answer your questions

What was your diet/exercise/insulin intake/blood sugar monitoring like in the months before you got pregnant? for the last two years I haven't been eating well, I never took my meal time insulin, only my long acting, and I NEVER checked my blood sugar. I pretty much gave up on the whole thing, only reason I took my long acting every night is because I would be extremely ill the next day if I didn't. I spent a week in ICU this past may, and in ER several times over last two years due to high blood sugars dehydrating me. Only thing I did do was exercises on a regular basis. I go to gym about 6 days a week.

Was this a planned pregnancy? Not a planned pregnancy, was convinced I wouldn't be able to get pregnant again. So no birth control.

What is your relationship status with the father? Is he diabetic? The father is my husband and he is not a diabetic, he is pretty healthy.

What was your alcohol/drug usage like in the months prior to getting pregnant? have never used drugs and not much of a drinker, only time i have really had a drink this year was on my birthday in July. Just makes me feel like crap, so not a fan.

What diabetic medications have you been on? I don't really take medications for diabetes, Im type 1 so only Insulin. I do take gabapentin for my neuropathy and I was on anti depressents.

What were you on (or supposed to be on) around when you got pregnant? just the gabapentin and anti depressants

How many episodes of DKA/other emergency hospitalizations have you had in the last few years? I have been in hospital once this year and about 4 over the last 5 years.

What kind of doctors do you have? Do you have good, crappy, or no insurance? I have a PC and a endocrinologist. And I have good insurance. I have tri-care from my hubby being medically retired from the Army.

Do you have an OB or a high risk OB? yes, I have a new OB here and I have a appt with a hight risk OB on the 28th of October.

Can you tell me more about your previous pregnancy? There isn't much to say, I only made it to 7weeks, didn't even get to my first OB appointment. My blood sugars where just as bad, but I was under more stress as my husband was away for 4 months for training.
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