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September 11th, 2013, 08:04 PM
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I *might* be excessively partial to Josephine

I do really like Charlotte and I am in love with Gabriel. I have tried twice to put that on our list for a baby boy and both times DH shot it down. But I plan to try again

I am seeing an increase in Cora lately, so I don't know it's less common than some of the others. I can
list four baby Cora's and two Charlottes (one of whom goes by something else entirely). But I think it's a regional thing. My sons name is pretty popular according to the SSA, but we don't know more than 2-3 others, much like most names with average popularity.

I do think Cora is a little close to Corey. I do think it would be awesome as a middle though, since it is a great namesake for him in girly form!
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