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September 12th, 2013, 11:29 AM
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12wk 4days

Ok so I want to do an update but I've just finished reading Karin's birth story and feeling VERY emotional

It means alot to me that all of you ladies have stopped by to wish me and my LO well, if a baby could grow on well wishes alone - I think we'd be a-ok!

I'm still on my anti-sickness medication atm, I tried a couple of days without it at the weekend as a trial, saturday went well but sunday did NOT! It was about the same as it was before I sarted the meds, puking after pretty much anything passed my lips. I was so so disappointed after saturday had gone so well, obviously it was just a little too early. I'll give it a couple more weeks before trying again bt I will need to pick up another prescription in the next few days as they gave me 28days worth initially which i'm very nearly finished with (time flies!)

Weight / belly wise, I havent weighed myself since the weekend when I was back to the weight I was pre-IUI. I'm definately changing shape though, my clothes - especially trousers are getting unfortunately. Luckily I have a few pairs from before I lost 30lbs for MA that still fit. It wont be long till I need to get some maternity clothes though I think. I also finally caved and went bra shopping this last weekend, a nice lady measured me and was sooo helpful and full of info about maternity bras! I ended up getting two non wired bras, one black one white. They're a bit more padded than i'd usually go far (dont really have any need for padding ) but they're really comfy. They're a size up on the back size than I'd usually go for but the lady explained they needed to be done up on the smallest size so I could let them out as my belly grows! I would never have thought about that!

We have done a little bit of baby shoping - so far we have three outfits for baby to wear. All very very cute! I'll post pics if I remember next time. Also and very very exciting, we're going to look at a crib tomorrow evening. I saw it for sale on a local message board and its so very cute, its white and is a glider. I hope it looks good IRL cos it's a good bargain too! I cant wait - actual baby furniture!! We'll likely not get any more other big shopping till after the weddng as we have lots of other things to be getting on with!

Oh gosh what else....oh our next scan isnt until 20 weeks! It seems so long away, it also happens to be the week of the wedding! At that appointment we'llalso meet with our consultant and we'll plan the rest of my pregnancy andtalk about delivery etc. This means that unless we have a private scan, we wont find about gender until 20wks. Not sure if I can wait that long so i'm working on DF to talk him into a private scan.

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