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September 12th, 2013, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by TreeTog View Post
I can't find his current teacher on FB. Isn't it like crossing a line that shouldn't be crossed. Don't teachers have to maintain and certain amount of privacy?

I get what you're saying. I'm sure it's a personal choice for them, and if they want to be private from their students, they either won't do FB, or not friend any of the parents. With Parker's last 2 teachers, I loved it. We communicated all the time (private stuff in PMs) but I felt more connected to them. One I'm still friends with.

But, if a teacher doesn't want to be "friends", I can totally understand it too. The two I'm friends with seem to like it. I think in both cases though, we talked about it in person first. Like, "Hey, find me on FB" type of thing. I didn't request to be their friends, because I didn't want to pry.

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