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September 12th, 2013, 04:46 PM
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DF got what I thought was just a head cold last weekend but progressed into him feeling like absolute crap. He stayed home from work for two days and didn't argue with me when I said he needed to go to the walk in clinic. They told him he had a sinus infection and sent him on his way. You would think with antibiotics he would have been starting to feel better but he seemed to be getting worse.
Then Tuesday, I was standing in the grocery store and it literally just hit me all of a sudden like whoa I feel bad. I went to the walk in clinic, not really wanting to expose all the preggo ladies at the ob/gyn to whatever I had. DF also went back in to be seen since he wasn't improving at all.
They are total idiots, the stupid nurse didn't even take my temp, the FNP I saw said I had a virus and she would call in a Z pack though I "shouldn't take it unless I don't start getting better". I asked her what was OTC that I could take to treat my symptoms and she says "well I'm not really sure, you should call your OB/Gyn" I wanted to scream "that's why I came here! what school did you go to?!".
So they had no answers but I called my Doc and she's getting me in tomorrow afternoon.
I hope they find something out and can give me something to knock this stuff out, it feels like a sinus infection and bronchitis. It just plain sucks

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