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September 12th, 2013, 05:31 PM
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My son is 4 and has started junior kindergarten. He's doing half-days (though he's supposed to be doing full days) because he's not potty trained yet. His teachers are amazing and are helping us with his training, and we've already seen improvement in 3 weeks. However, he's a very stubborn little boy, and just doesn't seem to care if he has an "accident" in his diaper (at school) or underwear (at home). My hubby and I figured when we started potty training him a *year* ago that we'd get the daytime training mastered before we tackled the night-time training. Are we shooting ourselves in the foot?? Should we be including night-time potty training in the routine? His morning diaper is not *usually* very heavy, and sometimes, it's barely been used at all.

We're also trying to find what really motivates him to train. We give him "special treats" (Reese Pieces) for a dry diaper/underwear and/or a successful visit to the potty, as well as an episode of Thomas & Friends if he uses the potty. Should we also ONLY give him his T & F toy trains if he has a successful visit? He's in a real train phase these days!

I know a lot of people say "be patient. He'll train when he's ready" but I'm a bit worried that his school experience is going to suffer if he has to be pulled aside every few hours to sit on the toilet...

I'm also 9 months pregnant, and worried that any progress he makes before the baby's born will go right out the window once his sister is added to the mix...
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