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September 13th, 2013, 08:25 AM
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Happy Birthday UM!! Best wishes and all that good stuff.

I have the fb/twitter/pinterest on the side too, but it's not covering any words. I don't know what we need it for.

FW I hope the play will be fabulous.

My hand is mostly back to normal. I was at the drs with the kids for their footwarts and this 9 year old was there that I know and I was scratching my hand (it's been itching like crazy) and she comes over grabs my hand and says in her sternest voice "stop scratching" and keeps holding my hand. Just like a mom would do to a child. I yanked my hand from her and said "I'm an adult, so I get to decide for myself if I am going to scratch my hand or not". I am annoyed that a child thinks that she can tell me what to do, and that her mother thinks it's normal.
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