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September 13th, 2013, 10:56 AM
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OMG!!! I just spent 4 hours scouring through websites for beads and I found one site at the end off of Ebay, no less, that had 4 kinds of beads I liked and could identify with (I found a TON of beautiful beads, but I was on a mission!) JUST as I was about to buy one bead, another bead caught my eye and that was IT! So, I just ordered it and it is supposed to get here by the 18th and I'll ship it off to you right away I am going to read the directions again, but just to clarify, do we need to include 20 copies of little notes as to why the bead was chosen by us, or do we just send you a note and you'll put all the notes together on one sheet and print the sheet out to send to us? I can do either way and want it to be least work for you!

OH, and the beads I ordered are 9x10mm. I think Kendal (can't remember exactly who it was, TBH) posted that she ordered the 6mm and they seemed a *little* small (altough all sizes will look great for a project!) so when I saw the size on this, I thought they should be OK.
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