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September 13th, 2013, 02:38 PM
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I was at work ( I work at the hospital I'll be delivering at) and all of a sudden I started getting dizzy. So I ate breakfast, but on my way back from the cafeteria my dizziness started getting worse.

I stopped to sit down in the ultrasound department, and one of the nurses came to take my bp. It was a little elevated 135/80 and my heart rate was 104, but I think it was because I was scared. One of our radiologists came to check me out, and told me to go to e.r. Just to be safe. So they put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me over there. ( by this time I felt like the room was spinning)

The e.r. nurse asked me if I had any back pain, I said yeah, but just normal pregnancy sore back, but I guess I shouldn't have said that because they sent me up to L&D, where they monitored me for a few hours for pre term labor. They monitored the baby, my blood sugar ( which was perfect) my blood pressure came back down, and they cathed me to take a sterile urine sample ( that was normal but ouch!)

My doctor was in the room next door delivering a baby, so he came in to see me, and said everything looked normal. He asked if I'd been having any congestion, and I said a little, so he said my vertigo might be middle ear congestion, so to take Sudafed.

They let me go home, so now I'm resting. I don't think I want to take the Sudafed, cuz there's ephedrine in it and I already suffer from anxiety. S I'm going to try nasal irrigation with my neti pot. Hopefully it helps. The only thing is that they never even looked in my ears or anything. As soon as they knew the baby and all ob issues were normal, they sent me home without a workup of why I'm so dizzy. Oh well.

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