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September 14th, 2013, 01:18 AM
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So a few things I'd like to for for this board is perhaps have a sticky with our members info, birthdates etc. A subforum or private group like the WTTC grads but maybe "life long members of the WTTC". Where even if you grad you can still post and stay in contact with all the members? I haven't given this a tonne of thought yet, i don't want it to clash with the WTTC Grads but that feels like a whole other board tbh. I know some of the ladies in grads have been together for years and I'd really like to still talk to all of you, even though some of you grad in just a few weeks/months.

I would like to maybe start up a shutterbug game, so once a week a random person is chosen and then that person is this weeks shutterbug. Everyone asks them random questions and requests photos like "local supermarket", "Under your bed", "your loungeroom", "you pulling a silly face" etc and they have to post the pics and answer the questions.

What sort of things would YOU like to see around here?

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