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September 14th, 2013, 08:24 AM
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Lasinoh is awesome. I used it after every time I nursed too in the beginning, so I never bled.

It was the thrush that nearly did me in (I highly recommend any mamas who have antibiotics for labor start taking a probiotic right after birth to help fend something like thrush off. - it is SO painful, and I am lucky I stuck through it).

Mastitis is something that can develop that usually starts as plugged ducts. To avoid both, I recommend while breastfeeding, massage your breast where it may feel a bit hard, like it's too full of milk in that spot. You more easily get engorged at the beginning, and by paying attention to making sure those too full spots get emptied and softer, it helps prevent things. I also never wore a bra with an underwire while nursing, jic. But once your supply evens out, you shouldn't really need to worry much.

But I was constantly massaging out "lumps" at the beginning. And I never had a plugged duct or mastitis (mastitis is actually an infection that results from that plugged duct).

I highly recommend looking at if you want further info.

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