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September 14th, 2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by shana1979 View Post
i don't tend to go for really girly names. i like strong names for females as well, names that give me a picture of personality.

some states/cities are pretty cool for names like savannah, madison, dakota, cheyenne.
i like some older names like grace, madelyn, victoria, hannah.

i'm not big on names that everyone has (but this is regionally-- some of these are overused in miami but not other places) like jennifer, maria, gabriella, ashley, angela, destiny, christina, christal (crystal), stephanie, isabella, tiffany, brittany (i know i'm forgetting a few more) but they are totally okay for middle names.

no offense to anyone but i LOATHE the name nevaeh (everyone who names their child that has to add "it's heaven spelled backwards"-- duh).

while there are a lot of elizabeths, i do like that name as well-- never met a person named elizabeth that i didn't like. but, other than the queen, they not usually as assertive as i would like a girl to be, but they still get their way.

i also like the names guinevere and genevieve but i haven't found a way to use them except as characters for writing.

i'm still up in the air with peyton's middle name. i'm looking for something that says woman. it was initially to be renee but i'm not sold on that. and i like elise because it's feminine and it's the shortened version of elizabeth but, again, not sold.
All the names I like are longer and my husband has a 10 letter last name that ends with -ski
He does like Genevieve .. so from the name list maybe he'd go with that- lol never heard of Nevaeh here .
Also never met a Peyton yet how did you come across this name? original here sounds strong too
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