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September 14th, 2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by FairyDustMom View Post
All the names I like are longer and my husband has a 10 letter last name that ends with -ski
He does like Genevieve .. so from the name list maybe he'd go with that- lol never heard of Nevaeh here .
Also never met a Peyton yet how did you come across this name? original here sounds strong too
i like anastasia too. stacy may be a common nickname but her original name would not be-- here in miami at least.

i would look for a name with meaning, maybe from eastern europe, that can be said easily enough over here in the western hemisphere to go with that -ski last name. french names are pretty nice too.

i had decided i wanted unisex names for my girls if they turned out to be girls after reading an article about a man who had difficulty getting an interview because his first name was kim. when he added mr. in front of it, he was getting calls left and right. i had already decided against an "ethnic" name b/c i think of kids in their adult state. one day they'll have to apply for jobs and i've personally seen practices where a resume with a black sounding name was discarded without consideration. so one day i was in an audition and there were two young ladies there-- they were beautiful, poised, and, on the surface, well-behaved. one was named peyton and one was named dylan. there were also two young men there, coincidentally, with the same names. so if i had twin girls, they would be peyton and dylan w/ feminine middle names. that way, you had to meet them to know them. when i found out it was one girl, peyton was the name that came to mind when i saw her.
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