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September 14th, 2013, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Txmom4 View Post
Lol I love it Shana, I can't stand Nevaeh either! My BFF wanted to name her daughter that and I was like nooooo please noooo she went with lily instead, which I love!
I also don't like names that are over used. My hubby likes Abby and I refuse, I don't want 5 other kids in the class with the same name. Caitlin is common, but I was young and it actually fits her perfectly. I wouldn't change it at all. Speaking of masculine girl names, I love love love Ryan or Ryann for a girl!
I like Ryan too for a girl (but that's my cousin's son's name). I imagine that Caitlin is common in Tx (your DD looks like a Caitlin so it was a good fit) but not in Miami. Actually haven't had one in 8 years of teaching. Same with Abby. Neither of those names are common for a black girl here either. That would be more Kesha, Tawana, etc.

I wouldn't choose Lily b/c it's my bf's grandma's name and I know she's hoping to have a daughter to name after her gma. My sister would name her daughter Leiloni or something like that. My brother gave his daughter a pretty ugly combo name-- Denise Rochelle (Denise is fine but Rochelle...)

Nevaeh is soooooooo overplayed and parents usually think it's unique.
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