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September 14th, 2013, 03:16 PM
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I know this thread is a little old, but I was wondering if there were any updates?

My first talked very early. 20 words or so with sentences by 1 year, but then they all went away because she regressed. Her milestones were all on the late side. If you called her name, she would not turn to you at all. She would look you in the eye sometimes, but that has gone away for the most part. She took 5 months to roll over, 14 to start walking. The biggest difference I see reading about your child and mine with a developmental disorder is that mine did not laugh. I even told my mom at one point that my child just had no emotions. She did not get scared or angry either. You could take a toy away, and she just didn't care.

My neurotypical child got words a lot slower than some of the babies I read about, and at 19 months she is just starting to really talk. She uses one word to ask to nurse, she knows the meaning and how to say up and down. Not much. A friend's son, 6 weeks older than mine, can already rote count to 10 and identify everything at his place setting. Cup, plate, fork, spoon, milk, hot dog. It's almost unreal.

I've heard a child less than 18 months say clear as day, "I don't want any juice. I would like a cup of water." And I've seen brilliant, normal children that could only make duck or cat sounds by 2 years. lol Both were normal kids.
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