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September 14th, 2013, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by LABs View Post
Very strong name! I'd give him your last name as well! For one its a good last name and it will match you. Being raised in a family where I didn't match my mom (remarriage), it was obnoxious. I was called by the new name which was ugly and I didn't like it! My birth name is the one I like. If the man isn't there for the day to day raising of the kids, I'd give my kids my last name. Its become law in some states that the child has to have the mothers last name. A sperm donor doesn't get a namesake!
I was raised as the only one in my family with a different last name; my mom remarried also. One day they called me by my step-father's last name over the school PA. It was so awkward and didn't fit. I love my last name.

He's going to be there for delivery and a few days after the surgery to help me when my mother can't. On the one hand, I want all my kids to have the same last name. On the other hand, they're entitled to his. He says it's up to me.
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