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September 15th, 2013, 08:54 PM
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Anyone care to share their previous birth details??

With Greyson I was induced at 37w3 days mainly because they thought he was large and because I was already dilating etc. I checked into the hospital that morning. An hour or so later they start low dose pitocin. I got an Epidural about 4cm (it is the one thing I regret) because the nurse was saying I may not get one etc so I caved earlier than I wanted.

Once I got the epi I got a fever. My doc wasn't concerned because the baby was fine and so I literally slept through my labor because of the fever. I woke up a long while later and said I was feeling lots of pressure only to be checked and told it was time to push. They gave me a booster for the epi which really didn't kick in before he was born but it did take the edge off.

It was 8 hours start to finish for my induction. I did get an episiotomy that required 2 small stiches. I had no issues afterwards with that or anything else.

Yes mam I will take that again ANY DAY. Wondering what my chances are for this go around to have the same birth!!!

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