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September 15th, 2013, 09:11 PM
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Ahhh... Let's see...
For #1, I was really hoping for a 12/31 birthdate, but my pre-E kicked in and so I had to be induced a week early (she was born 12/27). They started with the little pills/gel that they insert on the cervix. I was scheduled for 4 doses, but only needed 3 and my water broke. 3 hours later, with 2 great pushes, she was born I did have an epidural, but no pit and I was enthralled that it went so well.

With #2, I had PIH pretty badly. We postponed induction as long as we could but my bp just kept creeping up there and was last read at about 150/100, when my NORMAL bp is about 100-110/60-70, so it was way high for me. He was also induced about a week early (a week, or maybe 9 days? I can't remember). They didn't use the cervadel or whatever it was, this time, and used pit instead. Start to finish was about 9 hours, so MUCH longer for me, but not unbearable. I got my epidural when I was about 7 cm dilated, and we shut it off at about 9 or so cm because it was slowing things down. Worked like a charm and one big push, he came!

With #3, I started leaking fluids. Went to the hospital, they checked to see if it was amniotic fluid and told me it wasn't (ahem, it was). Sent me home. The next day, I felt off, but went about my day, including working out at the gym and going to get groceries. Came home, felt SOOO SICK and very chilled. Put DS down for a nap, told DH I felt like crap and went in for a nap. Then I felt a contraction. and another. 3 min apart. Mind you, I NEVER have gotten that long term notice of contractions like 8 or 10 min apart, very rarely get braxton hicks, so when I felt those and noted the time, I shot out of bed and we scrambled to get the kids together, dumped (yes, literally) them off with a friend, raced to the hospital (45 min away) and ran 7 red lights. Got the the hospital, they stripped me there in the lobby because she was crowning (I kept telling DH in the car, "SHE'S COMING!!!" and they got me in my room and she was born 7 min. after we arrived at the hospital parking lot. Phew! So, that was barely over an hour labor. I think 1h 20 min from the very first contraction. Needless to say, it was all natural and not bad It was all back labor, which is the DEVIL, but made delivery easy because all I could focus on was stopping those dang back contractions.

So, with this one, we're hoping we can make it to the hospital on time, as it'll be near winter and roads may be SUPER slick. It's in the back of our mind and I certainly will be aware of every twinge and ping come November/December
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