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September 16th, 2013, 12:33 AM
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Congratulations on hitting milestones and yay for your first maternity purchase! Gender ultrasounds have got to be one of my favorite parts of pregnancy. I can't wait to hear what you find out

As far as a doppler I got a sonoline B. I'm not sure that there are many other choices than a sonoline b. Just make sure you get one that says FDA approved. I LOVE mine!! I will admit, at first when I was trying to use it really early on (7-10 weeks) It did freak me out when I couldn't find a heartbeat and at that point it caused me more stress than anything else. But now it works every time and it takes me 10 seconds or less to find the heartbeat. If I didn't have it I think I would be way more stressed out than I am already. For example when baby is having a lazy day and I don't feel movement for several hours I begin to panic... like hard core panic. If I didn't have the doppler to show me that my baby's heart is still beating and baby is still moving around (you can tell if the baby makes movements that you can't actually feel because you get a reading in one spot then baby moves away from the doppler probe) I probably would have already taken a trip to the ER at least 2 different times by now. That might seem a little crazy to some people, but basically it happened to me before and that's one of my biggest fears that it will happen again. Okay, I'm rambling now... lol, but yes I LOVE mine. Worth every penny in my opinion. I got mine on ebay because that was the cheapest place I could find it.

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