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September 16th, 2013, 09:42 AM
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Quick update as I have a tonne of work to finish but I wanted to share that we finally told my family last night!!! That included my mum, brother, aunt, uncle, 3 cousins, other aunt and my nan - my sister was there too but she's known for a while. We'd gone out for dinner for my nans birthday and I wrapped her up a frame with an u/s picture of the LO. Everyone figured it out before she did bless her after she unwrapped the frame. Even though we were in the middle of a restaurant there were ALOT of tears, my brother who's 21, a rugby player and 'guys guy' was the first to see the photo as he was sat next to my nan, he literally almost exploded and ran around the table to hug (squash) me, swiftly followed by my aunts and my mum. Everyone was so very happy for us and kept saying well done and congratulations and how happy they were for us. I cried too (no surprise there lol) and so did my sister. My poor nan bless her needed to be told about 2 mins after unwrapping the picture that it meant Jen was pregnant, she knew it was an u/s picture but didnt catch on to what it meant. I love her This was pretty much towards the end of the meal so after a little while of talking we settled the bill and all left the restaurant, again to many congratulations and reminiscing of mine, my siblings and my counsins births by my mum and aunt. From this I learnt the following:

I was breach and my mum ended up having a c/section (1986)
My sister came next, normal vaginal birth (1989)
My brother came last, normal vaginal birth but early and low birth weight (1991)

My counsins all came pretty normally too, except my eldest cousin S who got her chin stuck in my aunts pelvis and was delivered via forceps. Turns out she got so stuck her nose was squished and wonky for a while after birth.

I also learnt that my mum had pretty bad m/s until 20wks, at which point on she had horrendous heartburn - with all three of us! A sign of things to come perhaps...

We had also visited my dad before we went out for dinner (my parents have been divorced a long time) and shared the news. He was very pleased and told us 'well 'done' (we got alot of this and it sounds really strange lol). He also offered to babysit, but not till the LO is toilet trained and doesnt cry Yep, thats my dad!!

Anyway, that means the majority of our families now know, with the exception of DF's granparents who we will probably drive up and see soon (they live about 3hrs away by car).

Good weekend

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