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September 16th, 2013, 11:54 AM
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I have a healthy 2yo and had an early loss in June. I am now pregnant again but am so so so nervous. Some days are better than others but today has been expecially bad anxiety-wise. I am 6w3d and my betas were OK and doubled (74 at 13dpo and 157 at 15dpo). My progesterone was a little low initially (10 at 13dpo) which my OB thought was fine but she called in supps for me because I was so nervous and I have been taking them since 14dpo. My progesterone went up to 17.8 at 15dpo.

I have some symptoms, was EXHAUSTED and could barely function from 4-6 weeks, although it has gotten a little better the past few days. I have thrown up 5x and gagged this AM. My boobs are the same and dont hurt at all, but I think my arms are a little more veiny. I have had some sporadic cramping and no spotting but the progesterone can keep you from bleeding.

I am going for my first appt with a new practice this week, either Wed or Fri (depends if I want to see the OB or midwife). I was originally told that I would def get a sono but then the person I spoke to today said it would be up to the dr. When I mentioned my previous mc and the fact that I have longer cycles (I am 6w3d per opks, would be 7w1d based on LMP) she said maybe that was why they mentioned a sono to me but that I could call the midwife tomorrow afternoon which I am going to.

But, I am just so nervous that something is going to go wrong again. And nervous that I wont get a sono. I hate being in limbo. I realize something can still go wrong later on, but this is consuming me. How do you get past the fear especially in the early weeks?
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