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September 16th, 2013, 01:04 PM
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I hope it's ok that I'm asking these questions...

We had our m/c on Friday - 9/13. I'm bleeding now like a period, and wondering how long does this usually last for? The bleeding, is it similar to after a birth? Weeks?? I've never lost one at the end of the of the first trimester, only at the beginning so I'm assuming there was more blood at this point.

Second, Once the bleeding stops is that when your body starts to get back into it's normal hormonal swing? I got pregnant with our son before I had AF after my last m/c so I know that I ovulated before then. But that was earlier on in the pregnancy and my hcg wasn't nearly as high as it was this time. is there anything that I could do to support and help my hormones regulate?

Which brings me to my last question, I know you can ovulate with hcg in your system but does anyone know how much? Mine was over 200,000 when we lost the baby. How long does that usually take to leave your body? What about the progesterone?

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