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September 16th, 2013, 08:17 PM
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Well I've still got a few weeks before I am third trimester...but..since I'm having twins my doc said I get to experience the joys of the 3rd tri starting in the 2nd....

The biggest issue right now is the leg cramps at night. They feel like labor contractions, but in my legs....they come in waves...I brace for the pain, endure it, and then it lets up, and then it comes back. And after 5-10 minutes it suddenly stops. SO WEIRD.

Heartburn is on and off, but manageable without meds. It was actually worse in the first trimester, oddly.

If I am on my feet too long, I get terrible lower back pain and I'm pretty sure it kick starts some contractions,etc. that don't go away unless I completely rest for hours.

I pee all the time.They are putting serious pressure on my bladder. OMG. 38weeks type peeing going on over here.

Otherwise I'm doing regular back pain, no swelling, surprisingly no hip pain....

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