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September 17th, 2013, 04:36 AM
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I don't think anyone here would be still having babies if they took a Lamaze class in the 80s lol. That would be advanced, advanced maternal age. Although the class I took in 1996 is probably way outdated they didn't teach us to lay in our backs and hyperventilate. We were taught several positions including on all fours (which didn't really help with my back labor). They also discussed focal points (that didn't help much either). I wasn't taught pressure points or moaning but I found myself moaning during labor just from instinct as that's how I've always dealt with pain. My labor helpers (mom, husbands, aunt) did use massage and different pressure points to relieve pain but were never instructed to do so. Some things you just do without being taught.

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The new classes are nothing like the old, and quite frankly, totally ridiculous lamaze classes from the 80's. You may practice deep breathing, but mostly they focus on different pain coping techniques. Massage, pressure points, humming or moaning (which really helps, even though it sounds super weird). Holding your breath causes your body to tense up which equals more intense pain. Birthing classes mainly focus on trying to release the tension and how you can work with your body to help you through the labor process. You might learn positions but it would be more like, how to get into a more comfortable position that allows your body to open with contractions; what to do if your baby is face up or you are having back labor; options to get you through the transition period without pain meds, etc. It's not the silly lay on your back and hyperventilate crap that it used to be. And any class that teaches you to lay on your back and labor I would run from; seriously the worst, most excruciatingly painful position you could ever be in during birth, IMO. I took Birthing From Within classes and I loved them.

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