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September 17th, 2013, 09:53 AM
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This week is quite simple and yet soooo important. From now until next Tuesday, let's all spend time paying attention to our thoughts. Just observe how you speak to yourself each day. How much of it is affirming and loving? How much of it is negative and destructive? Do you find yourself kicking yourself for small mistakes? Do you call yourself names ( I am such a ditz!!!!)? How many times a day do you tell yourself that you're not worthy, not capable, not equipped? Just really, really observe this week. I hope to hear some feedback from you all through the week to gauge where we are with this.

And, while you're at it.. observe the words of others around you.. are they negative, are they positive?

BTW, Learning to observe your thoughts is the FOUNDATION for all the other practices and it will be the key that eventually sets you free.. so though it sounds simple, it is UBER important which is why it is Week 1's activity. I am going to do this myself this week to see where I am...

**** Just wanted to add one important note ..... IT'S ABOUT PRACTICE NOT PERFECTION.. SO BE KIND WITH YOURSELF! XO

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