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October 21st, 2004, 10:43 AM
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The twins will not eat any fruit unless it is pureed, so I found the applesauces with real fruit added like mango and peaches, pears etc. I try to get them to eat a few bites full each day. Hoping that as they get used to new flavors maybe they will be more willing to try the whole fruits. Veggies have been a big NO GO for them, except mushrooms but they will only eat those in certain soups. Any Soup so far has been ok, except for anything with large chunks of veggies. Meats only if they are cut and pressed like hotdogs, vienna sausages, or ground like pork sausage or ground beef. I found if food is seasoned a little bit with things like ginger, thyme and other herbs they eat it better. I also buy them lots of diffrent cheeses, they love cheese so they get it when ever they will eat it.

I don't know why they don't take family size into account. Krystle has always been skinny and tall and the Drs and WIC always accused me of underfeeding her or just not trying to get her to gain weight. Krystle didn't reach the 10lb mark until she was 6m, and was only 16lbs at 1yrs. She was 6lbs 5oz at birth but 23" long. She is now 4'8" and only weights 76lbs, but she is finally filling out with more muscle with the swimming. She takes after my Dad who according to Grandma was about the same size ratio as Krystle pretty much till he turned 13 then sprouted up to 6'4" by 14 but only weighted 155-165 for years, he was a tall toothpick which I think Krystle is going to take after. I know she is going to be much taller than me, I was only 4'2" at her age.
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