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September 17th, 2013, 11:00 AM
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Welcome one and all to our Michaelmas celebration!

The actual celebration happens on Sunday 29th September. If you would like to join in by requesting a mini-reading or doing an angel activity or two, please read this post fully. Please feel welcome to ask questions in this thread.

Here you can find information about Michaelmas and the Archangel Michael (known in some religions as Saint Michael). The feast day is "St Michael and All Angels" - we like to mark it here at Spiritual Living as many of us here are interested in angels and have asked for their help at some time or other. Please note that angels are for everyone; their existence is acknowledged in several of the major world religions; and therefore we welcome anyone of any faith, no faith or mixed faith to this celebration.
Feast of St.Michael (Michaelmas)

**Dedicated to the memory of Hillarie's (Ekani*Dhanya*Ruhi) husband and soulmate Dan, who sadly passed away earlier in 2013, and is sorely missed. His birthday falls on Michaelmas. Happy heavenly birthday Dan!**


Any member of JM is welcome to join in with any of the events. If you have been invited by a member of Spiritual Living, and know of anyone else who would enjoy this event, please do ask them along.


We have a number of spiritual readers and learners here on Spiritual Living. We have a mix of psychics, mediums and channels - and a mix of oracle, tarot, angel, intuitive and rune readers. Quite a few of these wonderful ladies will be offering readings at some point during this celebration.

They are busy ladies and mums, some of whom work, and some of whom do spiritual readings for part of their living. Readings take a lot of time and energy to complete. For these two reasons, if you wish to request a reading, please follow these rules and guidelines.

1. You may request from TWO different readers and no more.

2. You must read their first post in full. Some readers will stipulate a number of people they will read for. Do not request if their slots are all full.

3. It is your responsibility to check for your reading and I would ask that you say thank you and leave brief polite feedback as to what rings true.

As we have a big spread of time zones between us on the board, and the spread will be even bigger including guests to this board, readers will state when, in THEIR time zone, their thread is open. You will need to check throughout the day for new request threads going up. Please do not request a reading after they have posted "closed" in a post or in the thread title. Anyone spotted not following the rules and guidelines will not receive a reading.


An angel workshop will be posted up at 9am GMT and I will be around to answer questions and reply to comments until 9pm GMT (see below for time conversions).

The workshop will include some angel information and FIVE activities you can do to connect with your angels. They will be simple and easy and I will try to make them so that you don't need any special equipment. You can choose to do one or all of the activities, and you can post about your experiences or to ask questions.

It is fine to continue and post things in the thread after the official times but you will need to appreciate that I work part-time and do angel readings part-time too in the week as well as being a mum of two, so I cannot guarantee when after the 29th September I will reach your post.


When I open the event at 9am GMT I will post up a spiritual Q&A thread.

You can ask any spiritual questions you like. We have some really wise and wonderful women on this board who between them have a large range of spiritual expertise.

For example, you could ask about angels, crystals, alternative healing, prayer, faith and religion, following your own spiritual path, intuition, synchronicity, meditation, affirmations, dreams, divination, spirit, finding peace, past lives, or anything else you would like concerning your spirituality.

Any lady from the board can answer any question.

You may find that the best person to answer your question may not be online when you are due to time difference, and they may post their answer at a later time. Therefore, the questions may not be answered in order, and may not all be answered on 29th September, but we will answer as many as we can, as quickly as we can.


When I open the event at 9am GMT I will post a general chat thread. Anything goes in the chat thread, fun and games, jokes, anecdotes, shares about life, introductions, chat about anything spiritual or non-spiritual, share favourite songs that inspire you, get to know each other, connect!

The chat thread is open to anyone, and we really are a friendly group here who love meeting new people. It could be a great time to jump in if you've been lurking the board, or if you've been intrigued by the readings or the angel activities and think you might like to join us either as a regular or as an occasional visitor. Board members will keep the chat going as late as they possibly can!


The event opens with chat, spiritual Q&A and the angel workshop at 9am GMT and I will be around to monitor events until 9pm GMT.

It can continue as late as you like and quite a few ladies from the USA and Canada plan to be here, who will likely be able to continue on spiritual Q&A and chat, plus their own readings, much later.

This corresponds to:
New Zealand - Auckland - 9pm (until Monday 9am for angel workshop)
Australia - Canberra - 6pm (until Monday 6am for AW)
Australia - Sydney - 6pm (until Monday 6am for AW)
Canada - Toronto - 4am (until 4pm for AW)
USA - New Tork - 4am (until 4pm for AW)
Canada - Calgary - 2am (until 2pm for AW)
USA - Los Angeles - 1am (until 1pm for AW)

Use the World Clock if you need to do any conversions yourself (eg from times stated in a reader's thread or if you live far out from the above places) - Time Zone Converter

*SL ladies can you proof read and check this for me before I pen an invite and we start posting it / sending it / etc. Please post below with any adds, changes or deletions, thanks.*

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