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September 17th, 2013, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by KMH View Post
How many teeth does Elijah have now?

Does he have a lovey or anything special that he is attached to?

I know he's not eating great right now, but does he have a favorite food?
He had eight teeth the last I checked.

He doesn't have a lovey that he sleeps with (besides me ), but he loves Bob the Tomato and his elephant stuffed animal.

He likes green peas and peas for veggies, and for fruits, he has several: pears & raspberries, pumpkin with some fruit (can't remember which), Banana mixed berry, and several others. His least favorite is applesauce, I believe.

Originally Posted by bostoncreampie View Post
How does he do with his naps?

Is he saying any words?

How are your other kids with him? Is he drawn more to a sibling than the others?
He says mama and dada. He has said hi. DH told me he said "Love you" and I thought I heard him say it.

Our oldest three children absolutely adore him. He loves them is return. He plays with each of them in different ways.

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