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September 18th, 2013, 05:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Snookums View Post
you're brave Sarey! I refused to potty train Kayla when I was pregnant with Nathan. My patience was next to none so I didn't see it going well LOL
glad he's doing well with it though! Would be great for you guys if he was trained before baby Mac came!

no idea on any measurements for Nathan.
Well I mean I am not "all in" like at Ihop the other night Hubby said brb and went to get up and G was like Daddy pee? And he said yea, you need to go and he said yes. So hubby took him and he said that he was intimidated by the urinals, but his diaper was full a few minutes later so, who knows. He is definitely trying I never thought of potty training til my dad said something then the pediatrician after talking to him at his 18 month check up. So. . We shall see!

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