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September 18th, 2013, 06:35 AM
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Originally Posted by yashobo View Post
Who does he look like? Act like? Is he a goof ball or does he have a "serious personality"? Has he started saying any thing yet - dada, mama? Does he like music? Dancing?
I missed yours... sorry!

He looks just like his daddy, acts like... probably more like me. He is a crazy goofball... loves to laugh! He is very wild (I'm not wild, but I love to laugh). He does say mama and dada. He loves music and dancing. If dh turns on music, he crawls to him as fast as he can to listen and dance.

Originally Posted by bryan and nina View Post
Does he like taking a bath? Would he rather read a book or play with toys?
He likes bathing most of the time, especially if there are toys. If he is tired, he hates it. He loves books... really loves them! He has a few favorite toys that he plays with, but I think he likes the books better.

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