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September 18th, 2013, 04:11 PM
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I'm really unsure of what cycle I'm on. I'm thinking Cd 14/15 if I do the math from Ny last post. I'm not sure if I ovulated r not. I haven't had any o pain but I been in so much pain from the surgery it probably masked it or delayed it. I gotmy biopsy a results back n I have fibrosis of the lung disease called NSIP. The good thing is that's our not fatal but I'm also being checked for lupus cuz its auto immune disease as well. I've been put on 30 mg of prednisone n a inhaler for the rest of my life. Idk how this will effect us ttc. I've done some research n read good n bad reviews but Dh n I been talking about ivf. We say when we get the house we going start saving for ivf. So I'm thinking this time next year I'll be PUPO! I LOVE having Dh home these past few weeks. He leaves Friday and I'm so sad. He has been taking care of me on hands and foot. I love teeth man. I'm finally starting to have pain free days. I'm still swollen though. It can be very uncomfortable. The incisions r starting to itch so that's a sign of healing and that's good.

I mostly came on to update about I'M AN AUNTIE! My sister had her son a few hours ago. He is so cute. I didn't think I could fall in love at first sight other than my kids but it was love at first sight n it was just a pic. She lives like 7/8 hours away and I'm nite allowed to drive for another week. I'm going to let her have her time with him n then I'm going to ride up there and spend the weekend. He is so cute. He looks like my son at that age. Hours old. I just wanna hold him. My nephew. Love saying that. Well ttyl!

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