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September 18th, 2013, 08:05 PM
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I decided yesterday to see if Porter would sleep in his crib last night. It's nice having him in the bassinet in our room (he did sleep in the bed with us for a bit, but would thrash around too much which would keep him and me both awake), but I think us getting up to go to the bathroom or coughing or snoring wakes him up sometimes.

After an hour of trying to get him to stay asleep when I put him down (I tried letting him fuss for 2 minutes at a time to see if he would go to sleep/calm himself... He couldn't/didn't, so I gave up on that), he finally stayed asleep. He slept for 40 minutes and then for 4 hours. Then woke up and only slept for an hour, which I am convinced is because when my husband got home from work he took Porter's lovie away from him, because he said it was too close to his face (it wasn't, I had checked right before he got home bc I saw it on the monitor). He's been sleeping holding onto it since we went to swaddling with one arm out. And I sleep with it if I get a nap when he's napping in the swing, so it smells like me. Anyway, when he woke up after that, I gave it back and he slept for 3 more hours. At the last wake up this morning I brought him in the bed for some snuggles and got another hour or so. But, we made it all night sleeping in the crib! And he had both arms out of his swaddle all night. I think he kinda liked having more space and freedom. He wiggled himself all over the crib!

Hopefully tonight he will sleep well in there! Fingers crossed!
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