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September 18th, 2013, 08:52 PM
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Kaiden is 3.5, and talks from the second he wakes up to the second he goes to bed...he FINALLY has a friend, a 5 year old (whose mom babysits for us and brings him with her every time) named Jasen, cant describe how great it is to see him playing - really playing - with another kid...right now, he is obsessed with ages, so he'll ask how old I am, how old daddy is, how old I'll be when he is 35, how old Maiya will be when he is 10, its hysterical...he asked me if I'm going to be alive when he is 100, and I said I wasnt sure, so now, every few hours, he has me promise him that I wont die when he is 100...he is also finally starting to test me a bit, since he was such an easy 2 year old, I guess its just time...right now, our reward system is stickers, so he gets stickers when he does good things, is gentle to maiya, picks up his toys, eats his food by himself, listens to me...and gets them taken away when he throws things, test-kick/hits me (like not hard, just to see if I will respond), he's getting time-outs among other things...I'm hoping the phase is over Jasen went up to him when he was in timeout and told him that he really needed to listen to his mom...LOL!

Anyway, Maiya is brilliant baby (Kaiden was a bit slow verbally at first, so when I compare the two of them its crazy), she knows about 100 words, knows some colors, almost always has a smile on her face, and will mimic anything you do...she always wants to make us laugh and gives the biggest sweetest kisses and hugs...I never thought I could love anyone as much as Kaiden, but this girl is just pure love in baby form!

Other stuff, we got PG (a surprise I'd only had one PP period) in early July, but the HCG wasnt going up as fast as it should have, I got to see a (very slow) H/B once, and the next week the H/B was gone...I was already prepared for it, so it wasnt as gut-wrenching as my first M/C, but it was still really sad...Matt didnt want to try again, but I convinced him to try one more time...we are TTC by ourselves now, but I have an appointment with the RE on October 9 to discuss if we want to try a round of Follistim (with Maiya, we did one round and got her)...if we do, we will probably wait till January cause we travel a lot during the holidays, so I dont want to have to worry about appointments on top of that...and I currently do not have maternity coverage, but in January 2014, the Afforable HealthCare Act says that insurance has to cover prenatal...whoo hoo!

The bad part is that I'm going to be 37 in a bit more than a month, and my old eggs have already produced 2 babies that didnt make it, so its getting harder for me to make babies as perfect as the two I have...of course, the flip side of that is that I have two absolutely perfect babies, and no matter what happens, I will always treasure that <3


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