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September 18th, 2013, 09:38 PM
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You know, I had a hard time with my DH, too, after our losses. After the second he flat out said he never wanted to try again. And as much as I knew he loved me, he wasn't there for my in my grief the way I wanted him to be. It was hard, but I came to realize that for us, I can't look to him to be absolutely everything to me in this. Dealing with the grief was not his strong suit. But dealing in the hope/excitement/planning definitely is. To help me in the depths of my grief, I came to this board, my mom, eventually a therapist, to some extent a few close friends. It helped a lot to take the burden of dealing with it all outside the immediate circle of our marriage.

Marriage sure isn't easy. But it's possible to get through it, and be stronger, both together and individually. Once I began seeing a therapist and dealt with things, my DH on his own brought up trying again. And now we are pg again (fingers crossed it sticks).

Sending more and more hugs! You are not alone. This is the roughest time, and we are here for you.
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