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September 18th, 2013, 10:19 PM
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Well, M is excited about her potty stool, and occasionally deigns to pee in the potty, but she will not poop in the potty and often purposefully goes in her diaper or even pees on the floor in the middle of a change or as soon as she gets off the potty. She also says stuff like "change my baby diaper! Poppy diaper!" And "my turn, wet diaper" after I change the baby. So I really think she just needs to have her "I'm still a baby too, pay attention to me like the baby" thing for awhile. I am withholding underwear until she poops on the potty, for now anyway. So yeah... She was in diapers all day some of her Flip covers are on the verge of death but I am just going to keep using them until the PUL wears out because no way am I buying her new diapers at this point.

She's in another nighttime sposie right now. G is in a Tinkle Traps prefitted, the inner and semi-attached doubler are lined with cotton fleece and they are super absorbent (and take forever to dry), as his night dipe. He is wearing a Smartbottoms 3.0 cover that I randomly bought FSOT. It has fleece leg casings and is great on his meaty thighs.

I think we're pretty solid in this size now. We won't start running low unless G outgrows his red workhorse and TTs before M is PLed. But as I've said before, if and when that happens it will just be the impetus to push the PLing. Maybe by then I can start pottying G some too. Now that would be a great incentive for M to use the potty more! See, your little brother poops on the potty, how about you? Lol. Using sibling rivalry to my advantage.

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