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September 19th, 2013, 06:02 AM
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This is one of those things where I was so confused when I discovered that there are people (okay, internet people, I have never met anyone IRL who pushes one over the other) who push one over the other and sat here thinking "Is this a thing? Are we doing this now? Why are we doing this?"

Sometimes I feel so out of the loop with these things and I think it's because I am only first generation Australian and I was raised in a cultural pocket in Melbourne where everyone migrated from the same place at the same time (we have a lot of those areas here, but then that said, my parents moved to Chinatown, so I was this odd Euro-Arab girl who lived in Chinatown, my parents were weirdos). Anyway, that's going off topic. Point is, the idea of one of the other makes zero sense to me.

Sometimes we eat pureed foods (I cry a little inside whenever I head the BLW argument of "It's not a real food texture" I have a book with that line in it and it makes me sad and makes me want to bring the person over to my house so I can pump them full of soup, porridge, pate, mashed vegetables, relish, chutney, dip, mousse and so on because I feel like they are missing out on so many glorious foods) and use a spoon and learn how to eat properly, sometimes we eat finger foods and learn about how it feels and what we can do with it, and sometimes we just smear spaghetti on our heads and think that we are pretty tops for doing so. It all works together and I think people that go so hard on one or the other are missing parts about the joy of food.

Sorry, I tend to get on my soapbox about this because I think it is nuts.

So I guess we intend to do both. Or as I like to call it "eating normally and not restricting things". It will be a rare occasion for me to buy baby food because, and I don't know if this is the case overseas, but here, my goodness it is expensive. I don't have money to blow on packaging because so much of the price is just packaging, at least I assume because I refuse to believe that 50g of apple puree can cost more than a kilo of apples. Plus it takes no effort to pull a piece of something out of what I have cooked for us and hack at it with a fork and whack it in a plastic bowl.

Off topic, but funny that you bring up children not playing with food though. If I think back to my childhood more of my playing with food probably came from cooking rather than eating. I got absolutely shot down on a different forum once with posters accusing my parents of child abuse because I mentioned that at the age of 5 I knew the correct way to butcher a goat. 100% true and I found it somewhat lovely that there were people out there who had so little exposure to child abuse in their lives that they had such a kneejerk reaction to a child having this knowledge, yet put some interesting questions in my mind about the funny stigmas we have about children and food.

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