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September 19th, 2013, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Kiam View Post
I got absolutely shot down on a different forum once with posters accusing my parents of child abuse because I mentioned that at the age of 5 I knew the correct way to butcher a goat. 100% true and I found it somewhat lovely that there were people out there who had so little exposure to child abuse in their lives that they had such a kneejerk reaction to a child having this knowledge, yet put some interesting questions in my mind about the funny stigmas we have about children and food.
I totally agree with you. DH grew up in Cuba and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he was lucky to have a piece of bread in the morning and maybe a hard-boiled egg to eat with his rice later that evening. People were so desperate that they would season grapefruit rinds, fry them up, and pretend that they were steaks. His father would buy live chickens and DH would help him chase them around the house and kill them in the bathtub. Sometimes, it was either that or starve. In that context, it makes me upset that people would judge what we put in our child's mouth, since relatively speaking, he is going to live a childhood of privilege that DH never had.
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