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September 19th, 2013, 10:32 AM
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ADORABLE pictures!

Jordan just turned the big ONE on Friday the 13th 1-year stats are 20lb,6oz, 29 inches long, and 18 inch head. Still a peanut and rocking 9-month size clothes (moving to 12 month soon though!). He's got 7 teeth but no molars yet.

He is definitely an easy baby! The only time he's a grump is when he's teething or over tired. Developmentally-wise, he's been a *little* slow with physical things like rolling, crawling, and walking (just took his first steps Monday the 9th!), but very advanced with other things. I am amazed at how smart he is! He waves hello and goodbye, gives high fives, blows kisses, claps, gives raspberries..

His vocabulary is pretty minimal and consists of uh oh, that?, Chester, Tucker, Baxter (sort of), dada, and the newest one is Thomas (the train haha). Still not saying mama.. he says the sound but hasn't called me it yet. I cannot wait to hear it though!!

I was foruntate enough to never have to introduce formula, so Jordan has been breastfed past the 1-year mark, though right now he is only nursing right before bed. We will work on cutting that feeding out the next week or 2, and then he should be on whole milk only (plus the tons of other foods he eats... the boy is a piggy!).

We are currently TTC #2, though not crazily. I take OPKs to track my cycle and am charting CM, but not doing temps (and hope I don't have to!) Even with breastfeeding I have had the most regular cycle of my life! It's varied between 30-some days and 50-some days, but I have O'd a few times, which was something that didn't happen on my own the entire 16 months of TTC Jordan. I am hopeful that we won't need outside help for #2!

10/01/15 @ 8.5 weeks
11/17/15 @ 4 weeks (chemical)
1/25/16 @ 4.5 weeks
3/07/16 @ 5.5 weeks

Struggling with how much more my heart can take.
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