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September 19th, 2013, 11:33 AM
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I don't completely understand the digital ovulation test. Didn't think I would get any smiley face until next week?

Can someone explain this type of test to me. We will still DTD every other day until a few days past ovulation day. I also use test strips just to compare. ????

Copied this from clearblue site. Still don't understand because ovulation comes like a week or more after your period ends. ???!

It is not possible to continue testing once Peak Fertility is displayed. Peak Fertility symbol will show on the day it is first detected and the day after. Therefore it will remain on the display for 48 hours after it is first detected and indicates that you are at your most fertile. You cannot perform another test while there is a result on the display. After Peak Fertility is displayed you must stop testing for this cycle. You can save any remaining test sticks for use in a future cycle if required but you must use the same Holder for a cycle of testing (do not change Holders part way through a cycle of use).
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