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September 19th, 2013, 12:07 PM
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Yay...daytime post! Lol.

Liam is in undies. Yup. Finally. Lol.

Kieran is in a Tots bots AIO, in "Chicken Little." He only has a small amount of time in these, they are getting small on him.

Jo is in a Nanas Bottoms AIO (AIO is all-in-one, a type diaper that contains no folding or stuffing materials, most like a disposable. They do take more time to dry and are harder to launder if you have water or washer issues. But are the easiest in my book). It's hot pink. They are "new" (to us) and I think they are working well. A little lower on absorbency, but fit is great (a medium is just a hair too big, but working with a little tab overlap and a higher waist). We added a homemade bamboo doubler and she is on hour two just fine (sleeping on me, so I hope it holds!)

Sounds like a great start for M on the potty. I am starting to consider starting Kieran. He is showing interest because big bro does it (there is that sibling thing for you!). I wonder if it won't be such a hard time with him. He knows when he goes because he hides, even to pee. We shall see!
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