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September 19th, 2013, 01:02 PM
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Yes. I think it's very important to include family or close friends in names. I do believe it develops a sense of interconnection. Although certainly not required. Lol. Plus, I always thought that was why we had middle names

We believe each child should have their own first name. Something we love independent of any family connections. Liam and Kieran were just ones we loved. Josephine is also one we loved. But it also happens to hold the nickname that was also my late grandmothers nickname (she was Jo for Joann). Thus we were pleased with its family connection.

Liam is named after my husbands father (first name), my grandfather (middle name but also chosen name to be called), and my husbands brother (middle name). His middle is Thomas.

Kieran is named after my paternal grandmother, the best person on earth, really. His middle is Patrick.

Josephine is named after lots of people in her middle name, although none directly. It's AnnaLee which encompasses me, my mom, my grandmother on each side, and my two aunts. All have versions of Ann or Lee as first or middle names.
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