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September 19th, 2013, 01:45 PM
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Wel, I don't know if I should have included my thoughts on this along with my questions. I am not leaning toward one over the other. I have always done both, I just didn't know there was a whole 'movement' similar to what I was doing. But I think 6 months may be a little too early for blw. I've never given true solids to a baby before 9 months. I'm wondering what age others have started blw.

I see baby food as a nice transition between bm/ formula and non-liquid, non-mush, both because of choking risks and because some kids don't take to the transition from liquid to solid very well. However I'm not fond of store bought baby foods, for a variety of reasons. I'm thinking of making my own purees but I never have and am hoping to hear from people who have, if it is as complicated as it seems, how costly the initial investment is, ect.

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