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September 19th, 2013, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by PrincessMom08 View Post
Not always. It varies with each person and each month. Try retesting. Are you temping?
Yes I'm temping. Started this past Tuesday

Originally Posted by KMO81 View Post
Sorry I had the two faces mixed up..the flashing one is first for high fertility before you get your peak fertility with the regular smiley face.......I have ovulated on CD 9 before, so it is possible....

Ya flashing then reg. I got reg first for some reason unless it would have been flashing Wednesday and I didn't use the clearblue Wednesday.


Originally Posted by Renee360 View Post
I think it's possible that you can ovulate on CD7, not common, but possible.

Once the smiley stops flashing, the solid will stay on for 3 days and you can't use the reader until 3 days later. But of course by that time your surge will be over so not point in retesting.

I finally got the solid smiley when I tested in the afternoon along with a positive from an IC OPK. I'm back to loving the CBAD OPK.
We will just say I'm fertile this week. Try to DTD every other day for couple of weeks.
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