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September 20th, 2013, 12:46 AM
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My brother will be starting his weekend custody times with his son this weekend so he called me!!! His big sister for advice. I of course was thrilled of course that he chose to come to me for advice instead of say our mom. He wanted to take the lil guy swimming so the Convo started by him asking what he needed to which I mentioned swim diapers. When he asked what kind I mentioned disposables and cloth. So my bro was like tell me more about cloth. So after one tangent after another my bro knows now about proper car seat safety and positions. When he has Wyatt he will be giving him organic only formula since the mom chose not to breast feed. When my bro has my nephew my bro has decided he wants to "do this cloth diaper thing" and my bro knows I am a huge baby wearer so he said "I want to get one of those wrap thingies to wear him in" and my bro wants to have me go shopping with him to set up Wyatt's room at his house but he plans on having lil guy co sleep til he is closer to one. Hahaha I am so proud as I have converted my bro to my crunchy ways!!! Although for some reason the very image of my once tough guy car obsessed, pierced and tattooed mechanic brother suddenly cloth diapering, baby wearing, co sleeping, extended rear facing, and going organic has me giggling. We go shopping tommorow for cloth diapers and I'm gonna help him go thru the woven wrap database to pick one for him for Wyatt and help him get one. Ahahah so proud! Wonder if I will convert my other bro once his baby is born. My youngest bro is already crunchy just no kids yet for him!

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