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September 20th, 2013, 05:20 AM
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Hello Ladies. I had my 12 Wk NT scan yesterday. As with every appt this pregnancy I have so much anxiety, I don't sleep, I get migraines for days before hand, and I walk into the doc's office shaking and crying.

Thankfully, we had good news again. I'm so incredibly grateful that the baby is doing great, measuring 12w4d, right on time, HB173. The cord is carrying blood to the placenta, which is anterior, but far away from the cervix. The nasal bone is perfectly formed and the spine is at 3. I don't know what that means but the OB said that was perfect. The brain and skull were formed and the heart chambers were formed. The baby was jumping around and kicking and waving his arms and legs like crazy. A real mexican jumping bean.

I am so amazed at the technology they have now as opposed to when I was expecting my son just 8 years ago. To see all these things on something so small, I'm just blown away.

We are still so cautious about the coming weeks and months, but DH could not contain himself and told our son the news. It was getting hard to keep it from him. Despite the weight loss, gain and loss again, I'm showing and my son has asked 4 times if there is a baby in my tummy. At almost 8 years old, he just isn't a dumb kid.

We told him it was a special secret just for the three of us and he couldn't tell anyone else. I believe he will keep it to himself, but he was so happy when we told him and showed him the sonogram pics, that he cried and hugs us. He is such a wonderful child. We are so blessed already.

Hope you are all well. I had such a busy day yesterday I didn't get a chance to catch up, but hopefully I will today.
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