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September 20th, 2013, 08:47 AM
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Ok, gross stories... Let me first say, I live & grew up on a ranch, with chickens, goats, sheep, cattle, horses, dogs, cats, & various other critters. Let's start with the chickens... I think the grossest thing I've done with chickens (besides butcher & pull out the guts) was when I fed my hens alfalfa pellets- chickens cant handle too much fiber at one time. They all got constipated, but it went away within a day except for this one hen... she couldnt poop for 3 days, so I got Mom to hold her for me (Mom lives 2 miles away) and, with gloves on of COURSE! lol I put my little finger in her & pulled all the poop out!!!! GAG! It saved her life, though lol
I have pulled baby goats out of their mothers, been covered from my chest, both arms, and all the way down to my feet in amniotic fluid, blood, and membranes from birthing goats, and put my own mouth over the nose/mouth of just-born kids that werent showing signs of life and did CPR- some worked, some didnt. (I met one of my dad's busness associates looking like that one morning!!! I pulled a set of triplets from one of Mom's goats, and was walking to her house to shower when Dad & his new pal pulled up... UGH! what an impression hahaha I'll stop there... I think the finger-up-the-chicken-butt was the grossest thing I've ever done for animals, and I've certainly cleaned my share of puke- animal & human!
Also, I was a CNA for 7 years & a Dental Aide for 1-1/2 yrs... I wont even GO there!!! People are WAY GROSSER than anything animals could do!!! LOL
BTW- I want to be an OB nurse, working on the pre-req's now... lol
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