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September 20th, 2013, 08:59 AM
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Oh, wanted to add... after being a CNA, the only thing that would make me gag was oral care on other people... but then I worked as a Dental Aide, and have seen the most horrifying things... I cant believe people dont take care of their mouths! It's SO simple to brush your teeth even just ONCE a week!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, now nothing anyone does makes me gag, and I can eat through it all, even if a kid I'm babysitting pukes or snots on me as I'm holding them while I eat my breakfast (I clean them up, but it doesnt affect my appetite one bit lol) ... only thing that makes me wanna gag now is worms (all kinds- grubs, cutworms, eathworms, internal parasites, I dont like worms! And I run into a lot of them while gardening lol) and those huge 4" black beetles that we get in the summertime that scream & come after you if you irritate them! LOL
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