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September 20th, 2013, 09:38 AM
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Sounds like a fun party Michelle!

Sorry girls I am still around, busy! My dad meets with the surgeon next week, the same day my mom gets her followup CT scan ugh!...the surgeon did a few other tests and determined it isn't urgent so the surgery won't be until mid to late October I guess. So good it isn't urgent but it would be nice to get it done and over! oh well take it a day at a time. He feels good so that is good news!

My kids are doing great at school. Sam loves his new preschool, he tells me everyday "I love my new school" and Syd had a rough start but now is back to the ole Sydney with a gusto and spunk. I drop her off and she just wanders into school with her friends like she has been doing it her whole life!

Tonight we have a school "function" to attend, it's supposed to be a fun get together so the parents can meet each other, I am meh about it but figure I need to go, I might drink a beer before we leave lolll. Tomorrow DH has a bachelors party to go to in the evening so not sure what the kids and I will do, just hang around I guess. Sunday I have high hopes to get yard work done, if the weather is decent.

Good call on waiting on James to potty train, he will get there!
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