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September 20th, 2013, 02:47 PM
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No no no cereals or purees before six months. Studies have shown in that feeding them any solids before 6 months can lead to diabetes, eating disorders and childhood obesity as well as other problems. And it doesn't help them sleep thru the night. They get all the nutrition they need from their formula and breast milk. As Courtney said food before 1 is just for fun!
Baby led weaning is letting the baby choose their own time to choose to eat by providing finger foods etc and letting them feed themselves instead of feeding a puree or cereal and you shoving the spoon in their mouth. Its giving them things like say steamed green beans or cooked carrots etc and letting them eat it themselves. We did a form of BLW with DD and she was using a fork and spoon on her own to feed herself at 7/8 months. Cause she was able to do it on her own terms when she was ready.

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